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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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eli the food and agricultural supporter and one of the coordinators at the clipper garden in noah valley i'm going to echo a lot of things that were said i want to run through also at spur we're pleased how the program is up and running the west portal i think you can ask i know who to tangle to this is fantastic there were many agencies and still are working on urban and working on a way we didn't see previously because this work and this annual report is the first time the city laid anti metrics with budget and resources that's helpful for our prospective and looking forward to seeing that in the future years building on what is going on there are a few things we can
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see in the years to serve the gardeners with an is the availability of the resource centers there is 2 inches of compose an alamo's square i'd like to side two maybe increasing the frequency so the centers are open seeing that once a week and seeing how their utilized it will not take much to have people there a few times a weekly over 7 hundred people on the waiting list for community garden that under represents the garden to create new sites that could included reaching out to people upon the waiting list we have sites we think could work are you interested in doing fundraising for that and lastly with the community garden hat i
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have on the community project manager there are far more demands open her time we highly recommend the department have more staffing resources we have a great acceptance of what happened then in the past year but we don't know the plan for this year but having this published a work plan a budget timeline from our prospective it is hard to know what we should expect and whether or not budget resources that matched to the goals we ask the the president to plastic surgeon a budget timeline and lastly this was in the letter a more clear accounting of how the money was spent in the last couple of years and using the resources efficiently and going forward trying to make the best we're pleased that the progress and love working with the department
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so looking forward to continue to doing so thank you very much. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm yolanda the environmental justice and land use program manager i'm going to keep it brief you're probably hungry part is to manager the agricultural project we're trying to dpw develop and as such i serve on the working group with yolanda she referenced in her presentation one the preliminary urban program is to insure that, of course coordination the puc as it comes to resources we're all working on similar projects or the same projects is it so that goal i wish to speak to today, i
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feel it is a goal that under the leadership this promissory note program is really, really meeting that goal 0 some works how we're krorld going beyond the working group that is a pleasure to serve on another example a series of mobile research centers we've highlighted in partnerships are rec and park and through community-based organizations like bayview hunters point we were able to leverage foundational dlrdz so san francisco fixed up helped to fund that in partnership that the puc we served a difference community a pilot program i'm proud of and hope to see more unique partnerships under this work as a way to leverage all the city resources and, of
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course community support as was mentioned we've been working together with the coordination with the puc land that is managed by rec and park that's another ongoing coordination effort in short i'd like to say from a city staff prospective this program is successful and helping function and this will bring many benefits to the city and community i thank you for your time and continued support of this valuable work. >> thank you can i have (calling names). >> gvenlg commissioners i'm
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maggie the program manager at guardian for the environment we operate and run a urban gardens school for adults and youth on a half acre located on san francisco public utilities commission property this is our 25th year we're proud educate over 5 hundred adults every year i'm here to show the support of its agricultural program and continue funding for the coordinator position we know first hand the benefits this can provide for the citizens many train graduates are in the audience here are politically their skills in service the garden teaching and you literacy and growing frubldz he can we've excited about the sustainability
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of san francisco through the; is that right of urban agricultural program we benefit a lot from the coordinations and gives us additional resources and wider community we support so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, commissioners thanks for this opportunity i'm with global exchange we have been here for 26 years i volunteer in high school we teach the kids inner augural it was city money that took out 2 hundred feet of sidewalk cement between 7 by 7 and 18 a lot of foreign investors oh, it's 80 so
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beautiful just a few days ago we banished u launched this we harvested and prepared a 3 course meal that was restaurant quality us adults were crying they served it you'll that's because of this cooperations between the private and nonprofits and city agencies so we are very much in support of urban program i'm proud to say that san francisco urban agricultural does it's mostly meeting in my office your you'll invited to the second tuesday if to 8 above the mcdonalds i'll generally disapproved of collins but if you could clone your colleague i'd be in support.
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>> thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment. >> mr. ginsburg. >> i'm sorry, go ahead i didn't see you. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm sorry is a.d. before i begin i doctrine an agricultural engineer and my family owns a farm i joined the lions recently and i'm fully supporting the program and excited about it just as a enterprise might have as well i think there is a lot of pro tem opportunity for improving the urban environment through the agricultural i was at the silicon valley meeting and there's a lot of exciting things going on some are critical farms going up in chicago and japan and los angeles in order to advances the technology we need the city and government support in other
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words, to do so. >> thank you. >> now, mr. ginsburg. >> oh, you might ask for more people. >> any other public comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> still want to take mr. ginsburg. >> the third time is a charm i want to suggest i was going to move we clone anna shulman (laughter) i really wanted to thank her for her amazing leadership and depositing and anonymity for their support in our urban agricultural program it is a team effort so our operation staff have played a role and this is something i want to see to the community thank you for your support and guidance as we have taken over cooperating role and leadership role we do that with you no fast or slower with
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you rely on our expertise but the department is extremely commented to we'll continue to build we're able to add resources in our budget this year and not everything we need more sure but hopefully, the giving up of fundamental steps to increasing both you know access and pragmatic opportunity and community access to garden and hopefully developing a farm or two so we're committed to it so thank you for anna's working relationship (clapping) inasmuch as this is informational i want to thank you for 15 years i've shared the boards school project the more you equate children around food the better they take care of
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themselves it is vitally important and appreciated thank you. >> we're on item 12 general public comment continued from item four at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest injured afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. is there any general public comment? seeing none, that item is closed we're on item 13 commissioners matters >> seeing none, item 13 is closed item 14 new business agenda settings. >> item 14 is closed 15 communication? any comments any public comment we're on item
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16 adjournment union second >> moved laughter moved and seconded thank you establishing for all the work you did for today's meeting
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>> good afternoon everyone. this is the thursday may 21, 2015 meeting of public safety neighborhood services committee. my name is arrack mar, to the right is campos, to the left jewel yae christensen. i would like to thank [inaudible] telecasting on sfgtv this afternoon. the clerk is mr. evans. >> make sure to silence all
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cell phones and electronic devices. speaker [inaudible] submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be listed on the [inaudible] >> we have 3 items on the agenda this afternoon. hopefully without objection i would like to place item number 2 at the top, the hearing on cpmc cucheederal hill agreement >> hearing to review the california pacific medical center's compliance with the cathedral hill development agreement; and requesting the department of public health, the office of economic and workforce development, the san francisco municipal
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transportation agency, and the planning departm ent to report >> if i may with thissite nl i would like to quickly move to the presentations from the city as well as cpmc and turn it over to public comment. i know we have a number of people before we start delving into some of the questions the committee has. i was asked by the cpmc if doctor warren [inaudible] could make a brief announcement, statement, so i want to give the opportunity to do that. that's fine. whatever you- >> good afternoon supervisor campos, mar and delighted to meet you christensen and welt come to had mitt xhuy chblt i'm klighted to present the results of the 2013 development agreement acomplinets report as well as provide advance xhrgz rf nrfgz as to how we are doing
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with compliance in subsequent year. we are please today report we are found in compliness on all commitments by the city through had end of 2013, which was the report that we submitted. we surpassed the base line commitment and unduplicated lives and benefits to the poor and underserved insuch and by the end of 2013 we already enrolled half of the medi-cal managed care commitment. we made progress in integrating medical staff [inaudible] established the health care and work force innovation funds fooa total of 6 and a half million dollars. exceeded the hiring goal in the worksporous fors as well as [inaudible] and funded over 25 million in cash commitments to the city and county of san francisco to support housing, transportation, public health
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and work force development. we also have worked diligently in 2014 whos report we'll submit shortly in 2015 and want to review some of those accomplishments with you as well as announce a new development. we have worked with the community partners and department of public health to meet the base line commitment and nishiated a agreement with san francisco general hospitalo we can continue to meet those goals. i'm pleased to tell you we are 12 thousand lives over the commitment we made. we are at 32 thousand live weez provide hospital ancillary service. today in partnership with nims and saint anthony clinics in the tenderloin we'll develop a new clinic there to provide services in the
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tenderloin. . we are conducting a audit of class [inaudible] all cpmc campuses as we have committed to becoming a class leader inploiding class services and we are ploizs the dibeaty program in particular at saint looks campus has increased access qu better kinical outcomes that include a remarkable low percentage of dibeaty complications, a shorter waiting time to get appointments and provision of services by bilingual staff members there. we nishiated community meetings at all the cpmc campuses, hired additional staff in cooperation with the mayors oewd to it enhance and refine commitment to high r san franciscans to entry level jobs. over 75 percent of the highers into those jobs from
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had city of san francisco have actually come from the neighborhoods targeted in the development agreement. we hired additional staff to work on transportation in management programs and implemented ped safety programs. we funded all the 2014 cash miments in a total of [inaudible] including 7 million towards affordability housing and 5 million toward transportation and 2 million toward public health. most important of all from my perspective [inaudible] it came before the planning and health and board of sproovigezer, bh you drive by van ness and geary you see concrete down and steel going up and san francisco will have a new hospital there as well as a new hospital on cesar chav esstreet in the mission.
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i'm deloited that in 2019 san francisco will be able to receive care at 2 new seismicly safe hospitals at van ness and geary and at the saint lukes campus and you can see pictures there. thank you for your attention and we'll be in atenedference the hearing to take questions >> thank you i appreciate that. let's turn it over to the city presentations. i know we have folks from planning department, the department orphpublic health, mayors office perhaps >> great, thank you. good afternoon supervisorx i'm elizabeth watty with the planning department. john [inaudible] is unable to join. i am joined with greg [inaudible] economic and work force development and [inaudible] with department of public health. we prepared a
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presentation with focus on 4 key issues. first as a quick reminder, cpmc development agreement was aproveed by the board of supervisors in july 2013 >> we are joined by supervisor avalos as well >> the complinets period that was analyzed was parlt of this years review from august twen, 2013 to december 2013. reviewed by the planning and health commission on december 4, 2014 and the planning and helths directors issued compliance on jan 19, 2015. we want to provide with a brief overview oaf cpmc commitment for 2013 as outlined on the next 2 lides slides. i wopet go into a lot of detail as doctor [inaudible] already went
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into this already. this slide shows the action cpmc is required tord take. it includes work force and health care items as well as several other obligations and notes the city determination that cpmc is in compliance with these obligations. this slide provide a overview oaf the manitary payments cpmc was obligated to make and did make. it includes payment for public improvement, affordable housing, transportation and work force hiring. the planning and health director and the third party monitor lieu [inaudible] all found cpmc to be in compliance of the 2013 agreement and realized there were commitments that needed improve ment in the xhuck coming years. [inaudible] tenderloin [inaudible] which doctor browner spoke to
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already. since 2013 was a short compliance period some of todays presentation will include up dates after the reporting period to provide additional context to the important topics. with that i would like to turn it over to greg [inaudible] with economic and workforce development >> thank you, good afternoon. greg assay with the work force division. i will walk through the hiring provision in the development agreement. there is construction related and also operations are what we call end use requirements. let's start with construction. what you see here are the 4 different goals outdlined in the development agreement with construction. the first 2 deal with administrate v and engineering positions. the first is hires and the second is internships. the third is the nob nub graduates getting
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placed at the site and construction work and the last row is the one i thunk folkerize most interested in. the goal is a minimum of 30 percent of trade hours for union journeyman and aen in prtances performed by san francisco residence and now we are at 35 percent. for each of the 4 goals the project is hitting the mark. i will move to operations >> if i may interject here. when we talk about the [inaudible] program we talk about good faith efforts versus actual mandate on hiring and it looks like-i want to make sure that line is clear because i what the i see in the development agreement for cpmc is they do good faith effort for hiring residence. what is
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good about the construction side is that we already have a very robust program through city build and with the man date that we have on funded projects for local hiring it is easier to fulfill, so i do want to make a dist tinkss e tinction why construction will have good compliance numbers because of that program and also want to make sure we wh we talk about first source, really the-what you have to hit is a good faith effort qu not a hiring effort. i want to make sure that we are-you can actually make the distinction between the 2 because i think we are showing there is a strong effort or demonstration of hiring local residence, then i think we growing above what the va says and i want to make sure we are clear about that as your presentation goes forward >> i'll get into it it on the operations side. it is both, there is a good